The project “Frisian Tommy” (Fryske Tommy) sets out to perform the rockopera Tommy by The Who at least 20 times in Frisian major theaters and on bigger festivals in 2018. Bauke Beert Keizer and Rene de la Porte have been on and off busy last two years translating lyrics from English to Frisian. Most of the work has been done by now and rehearsals have started with Remco Pol on drums, Kyle de la Porte on bass, Hendrik Behnen on keyboards en Marjet van der Meeren on vocals. The latter three are students of thet D’Drive school for performing arts.

In the next in 2016 – 2017 musical tryouts will be played and the theatrical staging will be developed. This will be done with several musical and theatrical schools in and around Leeuwarden, capital of Frisia. (D’Drive, Academy voor Popculture Minerva, NHL en Stenden University).

For the final shows several known Frisian artists will be asked to join as “special guest stars”.